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The Art of Robbery is another production of the partnership between Marcos Jorge and Bernardo Rennó

The streaming service Star+ continues to invest in Brazilian content. The platform announced the production of another national film, entitled The Art of Robberywith script of Marcos Jorge and Bernardo Renno.

The plot of the film has a lot of action and shows a great robbery at an art gallery in Brazil. According to the company, filming is expected to begin in early 2023, but the cast has not been announced as of yet.

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The main character will be an acclaimed urban artist, who returns to Brazil to rescue an old art theft companion from prison. They have an audacious plan: revenge against a powerful criminal mastermind responsible for betraying them a few years before the story of The Art of Robbery. Both characters aim to rob a bank and steal all the works exhibited in one of the biggest art galleries.

In addition to action, the feature must have elements of suspense and humor – with social criticism – in an attempt to balance these cinematographic genres, as well as explore the local scenarios where the plot takes place. The Art of Robbery is produced by Intro Pictures and Zencrane Filmswith co-production of Star Original Productions.

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The Art of Robbery is not the first partnership between Marcos Jorge and Bernardo Rennó

It’s not just from The Art of Robbery the partnership between Marcos Jorge and Bernardo Renno. They wrote Stupid 2 (2022), Doctor Monster and the documentary series The Celso Daniel Case.

In a press release George talked about the project. “More than a desire, this is a necessity and an urgency in a market that has abolished national borders once and for all, allowing anyone, at any time, to choose any cultural product from anywhere in the world. Deserve and gain attention of this increasingly powerful audience is, deep down, the greatest and true ambition of this project.”

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