The 10 most pirated movies of the week (18/09/2022)

The list of most pirated movies of the week can change from water to wine overnight. Proof of this is that this week we have no less than six unpublished titles in the rankings, which have given a big revamp here.

And who benefited the most from this? makeover all were fans of the horror genre. In all, three of the most downloaded new films promise to give viewers a lot of scares, but with very different and unique stories — it even has a Danish title in the running, with a very harrowing plot.

Another of these horrors debuts here already in the minds, occupying the second place. And, with the exception of this novelty, the podium is very similar to the previous week, bringing a medallion that has been around for a long time and another that repeats its position from a week ago, taking home the crown of most pirated film of the week.

Curious to know which movies these are? Below you can see the list of most pirated movies of the week that Canaltech exclusively for you to stay well informed.

10. The Beast

Idris Elba has already established himself as one of the great names in cinema today. Proof of this is that every movie that the actor stars in, explodes in popularity – and this, of course, is reflected in the list of most pirated movies.

The beast is a survival thriller that shows a newly widowed father willing to reconnect with his daughters. For this, he travels to South Africa, where he hopes to live a healing journey. The problem is that things get out of hand and everything turns into a fight for life, with father and daughters being hunted by a hungry and relentless lion.

9. Speak no Evil

Danish films have been very successful lately, largely due to the quality that the country has been able to print in its productions. AND Speak no Evil is yet another example of this, now in the horror genre.

The film tells the story of a family who decides to visit another family they met while on vacation. But what was supposed to be an ordinary encounter turns into a nightmare when they find themselves trapped in a harrowing, torturous and challenging reality.

8. Good Night, Mom

Another horror movie to appear in the ranking of illegal downloads of the week, Good night mom is the remake of an Austrian film that has everything to take off in the public’s preference – and its appearance here is a good indication of that.

The plot follows two young twin brothers who go to visit their mother after she undergoes facial reconstruction surgery. The situation is strange and bizarre, mainly because the woman has her head wrapped in bandages, and soon the boys realize that she may not be their real mother.

7. Confess, Fletch

Late sequels are in vogue and attract more and more attention, especially after the success of Top Gun: Maverick. And now it’s time to Confess, Fletchthe second sequel to a 1980s comedy that closely resembles the critically acclaimed Between Knives and Secrets.

Mixing comedy with mystery and investigation, the story follows the daily life of reporter Fletch, who is now involved in a case of murder and art theft. Suspected of having committed such crimes, he has to prove his innocence while investigating a millionaire family that has had their inheritance stolen.

6. Once Upon a Genie

One more proof of our theory that having Idris Elba is success, There once was a genius has aroused the curiosity of pirates on duty for the fantasy story that its plot brings.

In the film, the actor plays a genie in the lamp, which is found by the character of the always great Tilda Swinton. But she’s smart and knows that making the three wishes that the genie grants never ends well. Tied up, the two end up finding in each other what they’ve always been looking for: him, freedom; she company.

5. Emily the Criminal

Criminal thrillers always bring intriguing stories that pique the public’s curiosity. AND Emily the Criminal is a good example of this, with a history that is not so far from our reality.

The film follows Emily, a struggling student who is looking for a job to pay off her debts. Except she has a little criminal record and everyone says “no” to her because of it. Desperate, she ends up meeting Youssef and agreeing to work for him in a scheme involving stolen credit cards, which makes a lot of money, and fast. Everything she needs, but that has the potential not to end well.

4. No! Do not look!

After the resounding debut of Run! and the intriguing Wedirector Jordan Peele is back with No! Do not look!his new feature that tackles uncomfortable and necessary issues the way only he knows how.

And all you need to know is that, this time, the director bets on a space plot full of twists that will make your head explode. There are so many possibilities for interpretations that the film has been very successful in the world of piracy for a few weeks now.

3. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick won over audiences not only by bringing a franchise back to life after so long, but also by telling an entertaining story worth watching.

With a great performance by Tom Cruise, the film is an ode to 80s cinema, but with an updated look that works very well for new and old fans. No wonder it appears in the ranking of the most downloaded since it debuted on digital platforms.

2. Cursed Invitation

Curse Invitation barely debuted in theaters and is already among the most pirated movies of the week. One of the bets of the horror genre this September, it brings that story of leaving us on the edge of the couch, anxious to know what will happen next.

The plot helps a lot in this regard, showing the life of Evie, a young woman who has lost her mother and suddenly finds herself alone in life. Desperate, she decides to take a DNA test and discovers a cousin she didn’t even know she existed. The problem is that the discovery of this distant relative also brings with it dark secrets from the family’s history.

1. Thor: Love and Thunder

Repeating last week’s success, Thor: Love and Thunder is the most pirated movie of the week once again. And this is quite curious, because the film is not one of the best in the MCU, but it has the Marvel seal of quality and has the charisma of Chris Hemsworth living the Norse god.

Betting on a more blatant comedy and less on creating connections with other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the great highlight of love and thunder it is precisely the return of Natalie Portman as a character ready to fight anyone and capable of wielding Mjolnir.

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