The Marvels Will Explore Another Side of Capit Marvel

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09/17/2022 16:56

Brie Larson explained how The Marvels will explore the character of Carol Danvers in a different way, showing a new side of Capit Marvel.

The actress first played the superhero in 2019, shortly after receiving an Oscar for her performance in Bedroom Jack, and returned to the MCU in Avengers: Infinity War and in the post-credits scenes of Shang Chi and Legend of the Dead. Ten Anis and Ms. Marvel. Now expectations are on The Marvels, Capit Marvel’s new ‘solo’ film.

While Larson will be the protagonist, this time the character will be accompanied by Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau, who gained her powers in WandaVision.

We still don’t have any plot details for the film itself, but in footage shown at the D23 conference we could see the characters switching places with each other when using their powers, a continuation of the Ms. Marvel.

New movie show a new side of Carol Danvers

In a recent appearance on the TV show Good Morning AmericaBrie Larson talked about how her second time as a lead will be different and going to explore a new ‘not so cool’ side of her character, a more complex and mistake-making side.

‘The first was the origin story of who she is. Now, we’re delving deeper into the complexities, there’s so much more to it than that. There are parts that are not so good about her, that we can see that a hero is not being the person who makes the right decisions all the time.’ revealed the actress.’

From what we know about the production so far, The Marvels appears to be quite different from the first Capit movie. A new dynamic will be introduced with the presence of the two other co-protagonists, apparently Carol Denvers will be on a team this time.

This dynamic should awaken this new side of the superhero, even more so with the presence of Monica Rambeau who is the daughter of her old friend from the air force Maria Rambeau, we can expect tension in the relationship between these characters. On the other hand, Denvers must have a much friendlier relationship with Ms. Marvel, since the young heroine has Capit as an idol.

In any case, we will see a new face of Capit Marvel in the film that opens on July 27, 2023.

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