VIDEO: Brusque athletes and board are harassed by fans after setback in Serie B | brusque

The negative result kept Quadricolor in the relegation zone of the national competition.

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In a video that went viral on social media, it is possible to see president Danilo Rezini and director André Rezini trying to protect themselves from the approach of a group of fans. The images also show security guards of the club pushing the most exalted who curse the leaders.

Brusque’s board is harassed after defeat – Photo: Reproduction/social networks

Following, fans advanced against defender Wallace and forward Fernandinho, who were leaving the locker room on their way to the bus. At Augusto Bauer, the space destined for the departure of the squad is also used by the fans.

Wallace and Fernandinho are harassed by Brusque fans — Photo: Reproduction/social networks

According to reporter André Lux, from Premiere, fans showed R$10 bills to athletes. In addition, a Brusque shirt was used to clean the acrylic from the fence, as if the piece were a “floor cloth”.

Brusque was defeated by Vila Nova — Photo: Lucas Gabriel Cardoso/Brusque FC

According to the infobola website, by mathematician Tristão Garcia, Brusque, which is in 18th place, has a 66% risk of relegation to Serie C.

In the next round, the team travels to face Ituano. The match is scheduled for Saturday, September 24, at 11:00 am (Brasília time), at Novelli Júnior.

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