What happens to your cell phone when you unplug it without charging 100%?

Cell phones are an indispensable item in everyday life. We always have it around, whether to use it at work or to chat with friends and family. It gets to a point where we don’t even let go of the device while it’s charging! What happens when we unplug it before charging 100%?

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The recommendation is from experts who consider all types of appliances, from the most modern to the oldest. In general, the biggest concern is with the useful life of the cell phone, since the batteries can be really compromised when misused.

Charge 100% or not?

In many situations, especially in the face of everyday life, it has been more difficult to wait for the cell phone to fully charge. Charging is almost always incomplete when time is short and it is not possible to wait for a full charge. If you are in the habit of taking the cell from the outlet before completing 100%, rest assured.

According to some experts, this can be a very positive decision for the device!

As incredible as it may seem, when you wait for a full charge, the tendency is for the battery to complete a full cycle. This might not be the best choice. What many people believe is that this practice of unplugging the cell phone before the charge is full can “addict” the battery of the device. device. Is it myth or truth?

According to people working in the field, this is currently nothing more than a myth.

The battery of the latest smartphones is made with lithium-ion and has a lifespan measured in cycles. Duration time counts from full charge. This corresponds to a complete cycle. In the most modern models, the cell phone battery has a cycle of 400 charges.

For this reason, when you have access to a more modern cell phone, the ideal is to keep its battery always between 20% and 80%, that is, you should not wait to charge everything to zero or leave it in the socket until it completes 100 %.

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