Will Endrick debut? Palmeiras has a detailed plan for the prodigy

Endrick’s debut with Palmeiras professionals has no date to happen. It could even be today (18), against Santos, for the Brazilian Championship – the young striker was related to the classic. If not this time, it is very possible that the entry into the field will happen this year, especially if Palmeiras wins the national title in advance. But taking Endrick to the pitch is not seen as an obsession at the club.

O UOL Esporte found that it is already certain that he will start 2023 with Palmeiras professionals, participating in the pre-season. Even if it premieres in 2022, the concrete plans for Endrick have next year as a time frame. At the age of 16, Endrick will fight on an equal footing with Navarro, López, Merentiel and Rony for space as Alviverde’s centre-forward.

Abel Ferreira follows a very systematic rite when dealing with boys promoted from the base, in which he computes minutes of training, summons for concentration and bench time to take into account the correct time to climb a calf from the Academy.

Endrick, as has happened before, has been participating in training with the professional team with some regularity. The player himself and teammates, like Luan, have posted photos of training with good-natured provocations.

and - Cesar Greco/Palmeiras - Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

Defender Luan and striker Endrick fighting for a ball over the air in Palmeiras training

Image: Cesar Greco/Palmeiras

But within the Academy, there are sources who are curiously awaiting his transition and believe in the possibility that the attacker will subvert the natural order of the coaching staff’s processes. After all, running over stages is nothing new for him. And the player outside the curve imposes himself, as Abel Ferreira himself said, citing midfielder Danilo. And Endrick is clearly an outlier.

In 2021, for example, Endrick played, in the same week, in Verdão Sub-15, Sub-17 and Sub-20 games. This year, he was the star of a Cup that housed even 22-year-old players. The anticipation of his arrival in the first team would, then, in the view of these sources, just another stage jump in his career.

In the base department of Palmeiras, there is a maxim that, from a certain stage, following in the smaller categories no longer makes sense for some athletes. “There comes a time when the base has nothing more to offer to the formation of a player”, explained a source to the report.

The decision on Endrick, however, is entirely up to Abel Ferreira. According to the UOL, the board has unrestricted confidence in the coach’s assessment of what should be done. Although it seems increasingly evident that the striker’s life span at Palmeiras will be short, such is the international harassment over him.

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