Zaporizhzhia plant is reconnected to the Ukrainian grid – 09/17/2022

ROME, SEP 17 (ANSA) – The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant has been reconnected to Ukraine’s electricity grid.

The announcement was made this Saturday (17) by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has maintained two observers at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe since the beginning of September.

According to the entity, the plant “returned to receiving electricity directly from the national grid, after engineers had repaired one of the four main external electrical lines that had been damaged during the conflict”.

With this, the nuclear power plant will again have electricity to carry out the cooling of its reactors – the last one in operation was shut down on 11 September.

Under the command of Russian troops since the start of the war, but operated by Ukrainian officials, the plant had been disconnected from the power grid about two weeks ago due to conflict-related damage to main lines.

During this period, the plant used its own energy and a backup line to guarantee the safety functions of the reactors, which need electricity even when they are turned off.

The plant was the theater of fighting between Ukrainians and Russians in August, and the province of Zaporizhzhia is today one of the main stages of the war. Last Thursday (15), the IAEA board passed a resolution demanding that Russia demilitarize the plant, but Moscow is against the measure. (ANSA).

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