2 amazing movies to watch on NETFLIX this week

Many movies through the Netflix catalog and every week more news arrives. The highlight of this beginning of the week is the premiere of the comedy movie “Punishers” with Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke and Austin Abrams. Check out 2 amazing movies to watch on NETFLIX this beginning of the week and stay on top of what people are enjoying watching at the moment on streaming. Here we go? Play on Monday!

Punishers (2022), Jennifer Kaytin Robinson

Netflix’s newest teen comedy feature with Camila Mendes (Riverdale) and Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) brings a good dose of acid humor and revenge. In The Punishers, Camila plays Drea who leads a perfect life, being the most popular girl in school, until an intimate video of her ends up leaking and spreading. Maya plays Eleanor, who was the victim of a rumor and who is seen by everyone as a weirdo, after a friend at the time said that she tried to kiss her. The two team up in a revenge plan.

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The Invisible Man (2020), Leigh Whannell

The invisible man
The invisible man

A crazed tech mogul ends up faking his own suicide, he’s Cecilia’s (Elisabeth Moss) abusive ex, only she suspects it’s all a setup. He uses his power to make himself invisible and terrorize Cecilia. She managed to escape the abusive relationship with him, but now finds herself threatened again, but by an unseen entity. Then begins Cecília’s battle to prove that she is being hunted by someone that no one can see, but the police don’t believe her story, and that’s when she decides to solve it on her own.

Watch > The Invisible Man

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