5g signal will be available in these cities from today!

As of today, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) will release the activation of the “pure” 5G signal in seven more capitals of the country. So far, fifteen capitals in the country have the new technology. The deadline for the arrival of wireless communication in other cities is in November.

The decision to expand 5G next week was the result of a meeting of the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems (Gaispi), formed by Anatel to take care of the new activations of the service. Do you want to know if your region was contemplated with the news? Check below which are the cities where the mobile connection will be available.

Activation of 5G will cover 22 capitals of the country. Photo: publicity

Start of operation

The implementation of 5G technology took place for the first time on July 6, 2022, and its activation took place in Brasília. At the time, the capitals chosen to receive such coverage were Belo Horizonte (MG), Curitiba (PR), Goiânia (GO), João Pessoa (PB), Porto Alegre (RS), Salvador (BA), São Paulo (SP), beyond the Federal District.

Then, the capitals that benefited from the fifth generation of mobile internet were Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Palmas (TO), Florianópolis (SC) and Vitória (ES). At the beginning of September, it was the turn of Fortaleza (CE), Natal (RN) and Recife (PE).

Next week, Anatel guaranteed that it will make the service available to seven more capitals. They are: Aracaju (SE), Boa Vista (RR), Campo Grande (MS), Cuiabá (MT), Maceió (AL), São Luís (MA) and Teresina (PI). Therefore, as of Monday, there will be 22 capitals with 5G activated.

With this decision, it is worth mentioning that the connection to five capitals in the North region still needs to be activated. In this sense, access to pure 5G remains contained in Porto Velho (RO), Rio Branco (AC), Macapá (AP), Manaus (AM) and Belém (PA). According to the Agency, service coverage for these cities is scheduled for November 27. For the other cities in the country, the forecast of full activation will happen gradually until 2029.

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5G conditions

In the process of replacing 4G to 5G, it is not enough for Anatel to release the technology. The service must be offered by operators Claro, TIM and Vivo, winners of the national lots in the 3.5GHz band.

In addition, the signal considered “pure” may still face difficulties in working in certain regions, even in capital cities, as operators involved in the implementation of 5G are advised to install one antenna for every 100,000 inhabitants. Therefore, the broad coverage of the technology will happen gradually.

Finally, to enjoy the benefits of the new connection, a cell phone authorized for the service is required. Thus, some devices already have this qualification, as well as new devices on the market.

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