After defeat, Dorival praises Fluminense and explains Arrascaeta’s departure

Coach Dorival Júnior praised Flamengo’s performance in today’s defeat (18) against Fluminense by 2-1, but made a point of highlighting the performance of rivals, who, according to him, were happier in the submissions.

“Fluminense had merits. We cannot take merits from those who reach and seek goals. It was a beautiful game, played, in which both teams gave themselves up. Fluminense was happier and we have to recognize it. A defeat has to be respected, even that is very bitter”, evaluated Dorival.

The coach was also asked about De Arrascaeta’s departure in the 27th minute of the second half, and explained that the Uruguayan played longer than expected, given the athlete’s physical circumstances, who, in recent weeks, had muscle discomfort in the pubis.

“The forecast was for [jogar] just a little while, and he stayed a little longer even. When we made the first change, I consulted him and he asked: he has been living with a small inconvenience, and we don’t want it to get worse in any way. So the initial perspective was for him to play the opening 45 minutes,” said the coach, who also praised his players.

For him, the rubro-blacks surrendered in all aspects and created great opportunities, sinning only in the moments of finishing the plays.

“It was a vibrant team from the beginning to the end of the match. We did not fail at any moment. We wanted to achieve this result, which would be very important, and unfortunately we faced an opponent who took advantage of it very well, who built their result. A balanced game, but we have to respect our defeats and understand that with them we need to grow”, he said.

Fla’s next appointment, which has 45 points and is fourth in Serie A, will be at 7pm on Wednesday (28), when they visit Fortaleza for the 28th round.

See more responses from Dorival Júnior at the press conference:

Arrascaeta, injuries and conversations with the Uruguayan national team DM

This is all aligned directly with the [doutor Márcio] Tanure. What we want is to avoid the situation of losing a player like this at a time like this. It’s a nuisance he has, and he’ll live with it until the end of the year. We will have moments that we will reluctantly need to remove him from some matches. We take care of all the athletes, and I have no doubt that we will arrive with all of them in perfect condition for the main dates.

Planning for the next 40 days to have everyone 100%

That’s the idea, at no time was it different. We have to do everything we can to get to the most important dates in perfect condition, with everyone recovered and available, correcting small problems that may arise. We will think round by round, always thinking about the main dates. We have always taken every possible care to ensure that we always have a strong and decisive team on the field. We will continue to work in this way so that we have the best possible results.

Departure of João Gomes in the second half

“With João, I wanted a player who moved the game a little more forward, and soon after I put two players open. We only had the sides or passing the ball in front of the area, but unfortunately in both exchanges we lost both players who would be the players on the sidelines. We tried to open France, but today was not a happy day in terms of conclusions.”

Flamengo was shaken by the first goal and not being able to score?

“Very simple: we were attacking very often, we took back most of the balls for 15 minutes, and it was a natural fact, an escape, they started exchanging passes, holding the ball in the offensive field. Maybe we didn’t have the same happiness. happy (in goal). We had a lot of players in the area, but our positioning didn’t cover the freest player, which in this case was Cano. [segundo] time we had more possession of the ball, we created good chances and we didn’t have the happiness that Fluminense had.”

Flamengo’s moment in the Brasileirão. Can it still?

“Keep what we’ve been doing. We won’t give up the championship. Unfortunately, we may withdraw due to today’s result, but we will always enter the field with the spirit of victories. For the next round, we won’t have eight players: six called up and two sent off. So we have to prepare to play a great game again and, above all, with a great result.”

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