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The phase doesn’t matter. No matter the timing, financial condition or even recent frustrations. Fla-Flu will always be a classic in which all these factors will be left out. The proof of this was translated into last Sunday’s 2-1, in which Fluminense beat the favorite Flamengo, in a game valid for the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship, less than three days after being eliminated in the Copa do Brasil by Corinthians.

Celebration of Fluminense after the victory in Fla-Flu — Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

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Fluminense that entered the field without the massive support of the crowd – still resentful of the defeat to Corinthians – was balanced and consistent to achieve the fifth victory in the last seven Fla-Flus (in the other two games in the sequence, Flu tied the game in which he was the Carioca champion, and in the other he was defeated by crushing his opponent).

Unlike other wins in Fla-Flus that Fluminense left the field with totally defensive performances, this time, the team knew how to suffer when necessary, but also attack when necessary to beat the rival in a very busy game.

Best moments of Flamengo 1 x 2 Fluminense for the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship

Best moments of Flamengo 1 x 2 Fluminense for the 27th round of the Brazilian Championship

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From the beginning, the team led by Fernando Diniz was not able to employ the traditional game of imposition. But, especially in the first half, it was much more compact than in the game against Corinthians. And he remained faithful to the scheme of short touches even at times when Flamengo pressed the ball out.

Fábio celebrates Fluminense’s victory over Flamengo — Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF

Fábio, the target of so much criticism for his failure in the first goal at Neo Química Arena, went to halftime as the highlight of the game, playing three great saves that could have provided an elastic score for Flamengo.

Back in the team after serving a suspension in the Copa do Brasil clash, André was the one who paved the way for the first tricolor goal. In a move of great tactical vision, he managed to pierce the red-black defense with a throw to Matheus Martins, which culminated in the penalty suffered by Cano. With his usual coolness, Ganso took the lead and opened the scoring.

André had a great performance in Fla-Flu — Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense

In the second stage, with Flamengo under pressure for the result, Fábio continued to work and was once again important with difficult defenses. In the search to escape the stifling opponent, Fluminense continued to insist on short touches to play and try to find spaces.

To give the midfield more resources, Diniz pulled Matheus Martins, who wasn’t coming from a great performance, at 20. Minutes after the change, Ganso had a moment of expertise to take a quick free-kick and look for Cano.

The Argentine fought for the ball and crossed to Martinelli, who did not reach to send it to the goal, but managed to get up again in the area. Nathan tested freely and extended the score to Fluminense. The move served as redemption for Martinelli, who had been wrong so far, and made Diniz’s star shine with the precise change.

At 30 min of the 2nd half - goal by Nathan from Fluminense against Flamengo

At 30 min of the 2nd half – goal by Nathan from Fluminense against Flamengo

However, when it looked like Fluminense would walk to an end of a quiet classic, Everton Ribeiro crossed the ball from the right side at the second post. Fábio tried to get out of the punch, but he didn’t reach. Everton Cebolinha took advantage of the failure and hit the middle. Samuel Xavier, who ended up not covering the throw, didn’t cut Gabigol’s shot, which decreased.

In the final stretch, with a favorable score, Fluminense tied the game, which had two expulsions for each after much confusion: Manoel and Caio Paulista for the tricolor side. Chives and Marinho on the red-black side.

See the full play that generated four expulsions in Fla x Flu

See the full play that generated four expulsions in Fla x Flu

The final whistle came with relief for the tricolors, who were not numerous as they had been until the elimination for Corinthians, but who supported the team a lot in front of the stadium filled with red and black.

“Today, Fluminense showed that they have players who honor the shirt a lot and I ask that the fans return to the stadium. Just as against Cuiabá we had 50 thousand people and today we had an audience that could be here to support. is the fan. We are doing everything, everything, everything we can do so that Fluminense wins games and can bring joy to the fans”, Fernando Diniz at the press conference.

Flamengo numbers 1 x 2 Fluminense

  • Ball possession: 50% x 50%
  • Finishing: 16 x 12
  • Corners: 6 x 2
  • Fouls committed: 12 x 10
  • Impediments: 4 x 0
  • Pass accuracy: 84% x 87%
  • Disarms: 30 x 12
  • Dribbling: 10 x 16
  • Tough saves: 0x4

The victory in the classic certainly does not erase the tricolor pain of falling in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil and not advancing to play in the finals against Flamengo.

But the 2-1 in Fla-Flu, which removes the rival from the fight for the title of the Brasileirão, raises Fluminense to the level of being one of the few capable of not letting the leader Palmeiras have an easy life in the final stretch.

“The disqualification itself is already very hard and the 3-0 score is cruel. With an own goal on top of that, from a guy who works every day for the passion he has in football. It was an extremely difficult day. But the team responded well, Diniz”

"Fluminense was superior", says Gabriel Amaral |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Fluminense was superior”, says Gabriel Amaral | The Voice of the Crowd

With the victory, Fluminense climbs two positions and provisionally assumes the vice-leadership, with 48 points – the team is 9 from first place. Flu, however, can still be overtaken by Internacional, who plays this Monday with Atlético-GO.

“We don’t have to think too much about Palmeiras. Fluminense has to make their championship. They have to try to dedicate themselves as they did in the game (of Flamengo), if they surrender that we will reap good results in the future, Diniz”.

Fluminense returns to the field only on September 28, a Wednesday, when they receive Juventude, at 19:00 (Brasília time), for the 28th round of the Brazilian Championship. There will be a FIFA Date this week and so there is a big gap between Fla-Flu and the next game.

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