Apple Watch Ultra orange follows international ranking

We know that Apple is a company that sticks to the smallest details in its products. Steve Jobs (company co-founder) said, for example, that attention should be paid to both the outside and the inside of the devices. Although this does not always happen, we have a beautiful example of this care with the Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Jon Edwards, who posted the tweet below, the new model of the Watch brings details, such as the new button on the left side, in a shade of orange that is not just any. It is about International Orange (International Orange), code AMS-STD-12197, Federal Color Standard (Federal Standard Color) from United States.

International Orange AMS-STD-12197, from Aerospace Material Specification Standard 595A, is the official color specification ostensibly selected by Jody Akana for the Action button and other details on the Apple Watch Ultra.

As said, this color is also used in other areas such as aerospace materials. There are astronaut clothes made with this shade of orange, towers, among other objects. We can see that Apple wanted to leave even this detail in concert with the Watch Ultra’s goal of being geared towards more extreme sports and activities.

Only Apple, no? 😅

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