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The Federal Revenue opened an auction with several electronic products for the cities of Natal (RN) and Recife (PE). Apple Watch, Mi Band, Amazfit watches and Xbox One X are some of the low-priced products, at least in the initial bid. There are dozens of lots and most of the products are available to individuals. Interested parties have until September 30 at 9:00 pm to send purchase value proposals. The products are the result of seizure carried out by the

Prices should be observed only as a reference as they can go up depending on the public’s interest. According to the Federal Revenue, the auction winners must remove the devices in person, as the agency is not responsible for shipping. In addition, the equipment does not have a manufacturer’s warranty and the IRS does not promise that it will work.

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Xiaomi’s smart watches and bracelets dominate the electronics batches, which feature more than one product each. An example is lot 77, which has a unit of the Amazfit Verge Lite, a unit of the 1x Mi Band 4, an Amazfit GTR, two Amazfit Bip and five units of the Amazfit Bip Lite, with an initial bid of R$ 800 – a much lower value. at the retail price charged for these models. Lot 96 has an Apple Watch 6 for R$500 in the starting bid. For corporations, there are a greater number of options, but the starting prices are higher.

For legal entities, another lot has a very attractive value is number 4, which comes with ten Xbox One S units. The set is available for R$ 4,100. Lot 2 can be purchased by individuals and indicates the presence of nine Xbox One S units, in addition to an Xbox One X, at a cost of BRL 5,300.

There is also lot 85 with a MacBook Pro 256 GB (model not specified). The initial bid is R$ 2 thousand and individuals can buy it. For the initial bid of R$ 800, lot 72 is listed, which comes with two PS4, in addition to a PlayStation Classic.

How to participate in auctions

Anyone who wants to participate in the auction must access public notice 0420100/000004/2022 on the Federal Revenue website. On the page, the user will have the detailed document about the auction. The interested party needs to complete some bureaucratic steps to participate in the process. One of them is the issuance of the e-CAC digital certificate, which is issued by the agency itself and must be acquired before the start of the auction, using only a valid CPF.

The first phase of the auction consists of sending value proposals, made by individuals or legal entities. If selected, the buyer will receive a digital authorization to participate in the online auction on the indicated date. It is worth remembering that the winner of the auction must pay the full amount until the first business day following the day of the auction, or else pay 20% at the first moment and the remaining 80% up to the limit of eight calendar days. The auction notice also informs that products intended for individuals cannot be resold, unlike goods purchased by legal entities.

with information from technoblog and IRS

Check out the launch of the iPhone 14 in the video below

Check out the launch of the iPhone 14

Check out the launch of the iPhone 14

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