Ava 1 x 0 Atltico: VAR changes referee’s opinion on Nathan Silva’s penalty

VAR saw
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VAR saw “deliberate action” in Nathan Silva’s bid that resulted in a penalty

During Ava’s victory over Atltico, last Saturday (17/9), the VAR (video referee) changed the opinion of the field referee on the penalty committed by defender Nathan Silva, from Galo. The player’s movement with the arm was considered “deliberate action”.

At the beginning of the second half, in a free kick near the alvinegra area, Nathan Silva pushed the ball away using his right arm. The VAR (Wagner Reway) recommended the referee Andr Luiz de Freitas Castro. See the dialogue below.

Dialogue between VAR and referee in Ava vs Atltico

  • referee: “He took the arm, but he would take the chest”.
  • VAR: “Calm down, calm down, I’m checking. Just a moment”.
  • referee: “Take the arm, but if you don’t take the arm, I would take the chest, I would take the body, in my vision”.
  • VAR: “Don’t play, the deliberate movement. The ball would pass between them here, the ball would pass between them. And he (Nathan) makes the deliberate movement. Andr, I recommend you review for possible penal, ok?”.
  • VAR: “The player makes the deliberate move towards the ball, ok? And apparently it would pass. That’s what you judge here with me, ok? He opens his arm when the ball is going to pass”.
  • referee: “I’ll come back with the yellow card and the penalty. number 40“.

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