Cara Delevingne raises concern from friends and fans after video of her allegedly “drugged” goes viral

Cara Delevingne has everyone worried that she may be struggling with substance abuse issues.

We’ve seen celebrities get involved in drug abuse and addiction scandals before, but in the age of social media, evidence that this actually happens is circulating the internet faster than ever, causing a lot of gossip about which stars are at this bad stage in life. . More recently, the “Paper Towns” actress Dear Delevingnewas filmed looking seriously out of sorts and acting erratically while waiting outside Van Nuys Airport in California.

The 30-year-old’s behavior has sparked a lot of concern with some people speculating that she’s dealing with mental health issues and/or serious addictions at the moment, and according to TMZ, her closest friends are eager to get the help she needs. accurate model. On Friday (September 16), the outlet revealed that those around Cara are “desperate” for her to go to rehab.

Cara Delevingne goes through a bad phase, worrying family and fans
Photo: Playback / Instagram @caradelenvigne

Just a few days ago, the “Wolf of Wall Street” actress Margot Robbie, was photographed leaving the English star’s home looking distressed. While the 32-year-old actress’ reps haven’t explained to the media what has her so distraught, many are speculating that it’s related to Delevingne’s condition, which has only become more worrisome.

According to a source, Robbie had “good reason” to be so emotional after what she saw at her friend’s house. It has not been confirmed whether the Tulip Fever actress is struggling with addiction, although in the past she has spoken openly about drug use. Delevinge was supposed to attend an event earlier this week at New York Fashion Week, but ended up not showing up, raising even more concerns.

Dealing with various addictions is a complicated moment, in which the person is vulnerable. Following this reasoning, a well-known rapper in the industry, Eminem, had a time in his life when he was addicted to drugs. In August, her daughter reported her fear of growing up with her father because of drugs and more recently, it was discovered that many doubted that Em could sing again after this tragic phase.

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