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The last time Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia had appeared together in public was more than two and a half years ago., on the occasion of the death of Plácido Arango. Now one new death reunites the kings emeritus, parents of Felipe VI, king of Spain.

Juan Carlos and Sofia appeared side by side at Bunckingham Palacein London, for the reception organized by Charles III of England, to welcome the leaders and royal houses from around the world who will attend the funeral of her mother, Elizabeth II, schedule for 18:00 London time. The couple arrived at the new king’s official residence an hour early.

Despite all the controversies and distance – Juan Carlos and Sofia live apart –, the couple are staying at the same hotel in the city of London and for protocol and organizational reasons, they used the same vehicle for Bunckingham Palace. Captured by television cameras, Juan Carlos’ image is very deteriorated, with notorious mobility problems, with a cane and supported by a trusted person. Walking beside you, queen emeritus Sofia did not offer her arm to Juan Carlos. As already mentioned, the last time the two had appeared together was in February 2020. Weeks later, the financial scandal with the king emeritus and Juan Carlos decided to go into exile in Abu Dhabi, where he currently lives. Since then, the king has had only one meeting with his son, Felipe VI, in June this year, which was attended by Queen Sofia, Queen Letizia and other members of the Bourbon family. A meeting that took place away from the public eye. THE presence of the kings emeritus at the funeral of Isabel II had already been confirmed by the palace of Zarzuela, causing some controversy. The question is whether there will be a photo of Juan Carlos with his son Felipe VI. As a former head of state, Juan Carlos arrived in Buckingham with the first guests, while Felipe VI and Letizia arrived almost an hour later. Before, they had paid homage at the wake of Isabel II.

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