Diniz apologizes for elimination and declares to the crowd: “I’m very happy to be here”

(Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Fluminense)

Even after the excellent victory over Flamengo this Sunday, 2-1, at Maracanã, the elimination to Corinthians last Thursday, for the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil, still reverberates in Laranjeiras. So much so that, in a press conference, coach Fernando Diniz apologized to the fan and made a statement to the tricolor fans, who did not attend the stadium in good numbers this weekend.

– Fluminense fans are beautiful. When I was in the game against Cuiabá I had 50 thousand. Against Flamengo I don’t know how many tricolors came. I love seeing the tricolor here. Even to curse me I prefer it to be 50 thousand. Because one of the things I like most about my time at Fluminense is seeing the stadium full of tricolors. The Fluminense fan, here then, takes the team in his lap. If I hadn’t been here against Fortaleza, I don’t know if it would have been like that. If it wasn’t for Fred’s farewell and pre-farewell, I don’t know if it would be like this. The biggest player on the team is our fan. When he’s here supporting and he’s passionate, they have a hell of a party. That’s what we like,” he said, continuing:

– I apologize for not delivering what they deserve, but it’s not for lack of effort, character and courage. We try, with what we have, to deliver the best for Fluminense fans. With the difficulty and resources they have to pay salaries, support players and lose players… Just look at the window at how we manage to face these teams that we are dueling. This is a narrative to be built. Because Fluminense fans have to be proud of the team too. We have less financial resources than our rivals and we are there playing and fighting to deliver to the fans what we can do best. This is the truth of the facts. How to fight against teams that have a payroll of R$ 18 million, R$ 20 million, while Fluminense’s is R$ 6 million? It’s important as hell. I’m very grateful to the crowd. I’m very happy to be here and I’ve waited three years to be able to come back. I appreciate everything she does for the team and I ask that she keep doing it. We only have this championship to play now – concluded Diniz.

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