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Don’t worry, I’ll keep the amount of puns on the movie title as low as possible. I promise, dear readers. But then… Do not worry, dear (Don’t Worry Darling, 2022) doesn’t it deliver a good movie? Surrounded by behind-the-scenes controversies, whether in production or later on in publicity, the film stands out from everything that happened, and yes, it delivers an interesting and very cool story to watch.

And this is really due to the fact that Florence Pugh commands the screen in an incredible way to follow along. Pugh is the movie, without her possibly Do not worry, dear would not turn out to be as good as it is. The subtlety and narrative depth that Pugh delivers to Alice, a suburban housewife who begins to realize that her seemingly perfect life isn’t all that perfect, is impressive.

The subtlety and narrative depth that Pugh delivers to Alice Chambers, a suburban housewife who begins to realize that her seemingly perfect life isn’t all that perfect, is impressive. The body expressions, the level of confidence that Alice gains throughout the film and that changes the way we look at the character, and the terribly magnetic presence that Pugh exudes on screen only prove how talented the actress is.

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Honey
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A feather Do not worry, dear having lost strength right at the beginning of the awards season, why the feature should (and is in a way) a booster of Pugh’s career, who here stands as one of the most talented and promising actresses to have emerged in Hollywood in recent times. .

and the director Olivia Wilde knows this well and uses Pugh in basically every scene of Do not worry, dear. From moments she shares with the rest of the cast, or alone, when she sees a plane crash in a desert, for example, Pugh is fine.

And combined with impeccable period costumes, a super immersive 50s setting and a curious and provocative story to follow, due to the air of mystery in which the plot develops, Wilde really manages to deliver a good film. Could it be a great movie? Yup. But it’s an extreme hit for a second-time director after the great Booksmart – Out of Seriesand (2019).

Some of the creative decisions Wilde uses in Do not worry, dear are completely welcome to help the viewer to enter the idyllic and perfect neighborhood that is presented in the drama and that these characters live. All the residents are there to work on Project Vitória, a top secret experiment that only the husbands, the men, work on. The women? They stay at home, take care of the house, the children, and sometimes go shopping in the city, and of course, they also take care of parties and meetings in the neighborhood.

When they ask their husbands about it, the answer is as standard as possible. And so, in the midst of parties, drinking meetings and nights full of love, the story begins and the questions about everything that has been going on only grow. It’s time to jack (Harry Styles), Alice’s husband, climbs his promotion with the boss and leader of Project Victory, Frank (Chris Pinegreat too and perfect on paper) about whatever they do when they get in their cars and drive off to work.

And right at the beginning of the film, Wilde creates a feeling of a beautiful enormous paranoia, and shows that something is very wrong with the place. Of course, the atmosphere is super inviting to get into this madness, whether it’s the performances, the look and aesthetics of the film and everything in between. It’s in the way things are presented in Do not worry, dear that let us 100% agree with this idea.

And that’s where it is, Do not worry, dear It’s one of those movies that you need to get the idea, embark on the crazy story, and of course, in its twists to enjoy what the movie itself presents. Do not worry, dear flirts with different options for where the story can go and what happens to these characters.

Olivia Wilde, Nick Kroll and Chris Pine in Don’t Worry Honey.
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Alice only picks up a ball of yarn which is left in the corner for Margaret (KiKi Layne), one of the neighbors who is clearly not mentally well, and begins, at first, to distrust everything that happens in the Vitória Project. Do not worry, dear places these women as decorative objects for these men, where they are silenced and treated as sick. The empowering message that Wilde wants to get across with the film is delivered without much fanfare and throughout the plot and really leaves the script (from the trio Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke and Katie Silberman) to work a little on the characters and their motivations, before moving on to the chaotic final moments.

Pugh and Styles make an interesting combination, but clearly she delivers 200% more than he does. Styles is fine, in fact, he has some nice moments with Pine in the film, but unlike Pugh, who is indispensable for the film to succeed, he doesn’t have the same shine. And with both of them as protagonists, Wilde manages to hit it off with the rest of the team as well. The director managed to bring together good actors to elevate these characters and their stories. Pine as the leader of the group, a kind of cult leader, really sets the film’s paranoid tone, and the same goes for robotics. Gemma Chan as Shelley, the wife of the same.

The rest of the actors chosen by Wilde, who is also quite good in a smaller role, make c far better than just being an average episode of The Twilight Zone series, a copy of Perfect women (1975 and later in 2004) as it has been called, but to stand out and put aside everything controversial around it, and deliver a feature packed both for its performances and for its very good narrative aesthetics to watch.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Do not worry, dear arrives September 22 in theaters.

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