Dynamic island on Android: Redmi and realme dispute who launches the feature first, says rumor

While parallel solutions are being developed, new rumors indicate that Redmi and Realme started to dispute which company will deliver the iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island first.

The information was shared by the EqualLeaks channel, and it shows that there is a real “cold war” between Android manufacturers to copy a feature that Apple used to make the new iPhone notch “more acceptable”.

realme is working on “realme Island” to turn the camera cutout into an all-in-one feature. The camera area should turn into a bar of different shapes and sizes to display phone call information, alerts, notifications and more.

As much as the realme solution does not have a specific device to be inaugurated, the case of Redmi is different.

Still commenting on the launch of the dynamic island in the Android universe, the same source said that the Redmi K60 can receive the “Smart Island” at its launch. The feature will likely be integrated into the MIUI code soon.

That is, here we have a strong competition between the two Chinese to see who launches the feature inspired by the iPhone 14 Pro first.

For now, the Chinese do not confirm the veracity of the information. Even so, it was to be expected that Android manufacturers would begin to adopt a version of the feature developed by Apple.

Is that because, as much as they may not want Apple’s solution, should Chinese women ignore the desire of consumers in markets like China and India? As there is a demand, manufacturers run after to deliver what the consumer wants. This is the law of the market.

On the other hand, Apple is expected to bring the dynamic island to the common models of the iPhone 15 line in 2023.

What do you think of the arrival of the dynamic island on Android smartphones? Should other manufacturers join the game? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.

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