Fan presents King Charles III with a pen during visit to Cardiff

A fan of the royal family from Cardiff, Wales, decided to promote a troll with King Charlers 3rd after the 73-year-old monarch’s recent cases of anger with pens.

As the king walked in front of Cardiff Castle and waved to admirers of the royal family, last Friday (16), a woman emerged from the crowd and presented the king with a pen.

Although it took him a few seconds to understand the gift, Charles 3rd burst out laughing as soon as he understood that what was in his hands was a pen and accepted the fan’s “treat”.

Hours later, the woman told Greatest Hits radio that she and her partner had been in line since 5am to meet the king and spoke of the pen given as a gift.

“It was very surreal, very moving, absolutely incredible. We had a little chat with him and we gave him a pen. He took it really well,” he said.

“He took the pen with him and really laughed about it… It was a Hilton pen, so elegant and it won’t explode.”

The video was shared on Tiktok and Twitter by a user who goes by the name ‘Royal Supporter’. To date, it has garnered nearly 689,000 views, over 1,800 retweets, and 17,000 likes.

wrath with pen

Last week, King Charles III visited Northern Ireland as part of a tour to lead in mourning for his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and was greeted by crowds and welcoming speeches.

Shortly afterwards, while signing a guest book in front of the cameras at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast, Charles reacted in frustration when the pen he was using leaked ink into his hand.

“Oh God, I hate that pen!” said Charles, standing up and handing the pen to his queen consort. “Look, it’s leaking all over the place,” Camilla added, as Charles dried his fingers.

“I hate what always happens with that horrible kind of pen,” the king complained. Earlier, he also got the date wrong and put September 12th to sign the document.

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