Globo does not broadcast Cruzeiro x Vasco and plans ‘special scheme’ in case of access by Raposa

Globo will not broadcast the decisive game between Cruzeiro and Vasco, which can guarantee Raposa in the elite of national football, in case of victory. The match was scheduled for 21:30, but had its time changed at the request of the broadcaster.which will favor pay-per-view and SporTV.

At departure time, the Globo will be broadcasting Jornal Nacional and the soap opera Pantanal, attractions that represent the largest audiences of the Marinho family channel. At 11 pm, when the game would still be showing if the time had not been changed, Globo shows a movie.

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wanted by THROW!Globo linked to the fact that the game was left out of open TV because of the schedule and confirmed that the match will only be broadcast on its pay channels.

– The game between Cruzeiro and Vasco is scheduled for 9 pm, outside of TV Globo’s football schedule. It will be broadcast exclusively throughout Brazil by Premiere and by sportv – started the broadcaster.

Globo also said that it plans a special scheme on open TV if Cruzeiro’s access is confirmed.

– TV Globo is preparing a great coverage to accompany with flashes in the programming throughout the night and show the celebration, in case of classification for series A – he said.

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Raposa needs a victory against Vasco to confirm access, without depending on any other result. Raposa would keep 20 points for the fifth place and could not be surpassed by Vasco and Londrina, togetherbecause the teams still face each other in this competition.

On Vasco’s side, victory is essential for plans to leave Serie B. In case of defeat, his permanence in the G4 is threatened by Londrina, which is three points behind Cruz-Maltino.

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