Google mistakenly deposits R$ 1 million in engineer’s account

A security engineer from the US company Yuga Labs says he received a transfer of US$ 249,999 (equivalent to R$ 1,313.34), made by mistake by Google. A spokesperson for the technology multinational confirmed the incident, according to a note sent to the UPI website.

On Twitter, the engineer, named Sam Curry, recounted the moment he realized the exorbitant amount in his bank account. He emphasized that for three weeks he tried to contact the company, without success.

The engineer revealed that he has already carried out projects for technology companies such as Google, but could not find any more recent work links for the multinational.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the payment was a mistake and said the company is taking steps to correct it.

“Our team recently made a payment to the wrong party as a result of human error. We appreciate it being communicated to us quickly by the impacted partner and we are working to correct it.”

On Friday, Curry finally heard about his investigations and received a contact from Google.

“Google actually contacted me and I’m going to the bank today to pay it back,” Curry said in an interview with MarketWatch.

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