GUARANTEED rights that few workers know

The health restrictions imposed in the pandemic period encouraged organizations to adopt safety measures. In this way, some employees were able to stay at home working. The internet associated with digital technologies facilitates communication and execution of activities, ensuring that all processes are carried out efficiently.

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The home office is here to stay

Despite having been adopted as a temporary measure, some companies maintained the model. The managers of the largest organizations realized that the decision had resulted in an improvement in productivity. The employee did not have to deal with the stress of commuting and unforeseen events along the way, saving energy to devote more time to work.

Regulation of Law 14.442/22

The change in the functioning of this employment relationship even increased the number of individual contracts, based on the demand for self-employed workers. These people have CNPJ and are able to offer services as an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI). Earlier this month, Provisional Measure (MP) 1,108/22 was succeeded by Law 14,442/22 in the National Congress, after some changes.

Remote work demand

According to the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA), 46% of Brazilian companies have already adopted the remote work. This increased the need to stipulate certain limits linked to a regulation. Therefore, the law passed defines exactly what are the rights of the employee who works from home and other legal provisions.

The Home Office Act states that:

  • Telework or remote work is defined by the provision of services made outside the business environment, using information and communication technologies, either in the hybrid model or completely at a distance.
  • The home office differs from external work by being characterized by a work routine totally independent of a corporate space.
  • Hiring takes place based on positions or activities.
  • Employees who work remotely abroad are protected by the Consolidation of Labor Laws in Brazil.

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