High School Musical: Will Zac and Vanessa Do a Series?

Ever since it was announced that the fourth installment of the High School Musical franchise will be “filmed” within the series aired on Disney+, fans have speculated which actors from the feature films will return. And rumors that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will be back intensified as the two posted photos in front of East High. But showrunner Tim Federle said it was all a fluke.

“I’ll have to say that was a huge coincidence. But we’d love to have Zac and Vanessa back, just like everyone else, so we’re working hard to get them back,” High School Musical: The Series: The Musical producer told TVLine.

Federle further explained that the idea of ​​making filming High School Musical 4 an important part of the show’s fourth season came about because of the third year, which ended last week. All because Corbin Bleu, who played Chad in the trilogy, appeared as an exaggerated version of himself at the camp the characters attended.

“Corbin had so much fun this season that he told me, ‘If you ever need me to come back, know that this was all really cool.’ So that inspired me and I thought, ‘What if our kids went back to school as extras in the movie?’ The series is so absurdly meta that it’s going to become Inception [2010] one of these days. We are very excited,” he said.

As revealed during the D23 Expo, the fourth season of the Disney+ series will see students returning to the school and discovering that it is being used to shoot the movie High School Musical 4: The Reunion. The characters played by Joshua Bassett, Sofia Wylie, Matt Cornett, Dara Reneé and others from the cast of the series will be extras in the long-awaited feature for an entire generation.

So far, it has not been revealed which actors from the trilogy will make guest appearances in the series. Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Kaycee Stroh have all appeared in previous episodes and look set to do more. But what about Ashley Tisdale? Or Monique Coleman? THE Tangerine made a list of names that need to appear in High School Musical: The Series: The Musical.

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