how São Paulo plans negotiations for 2023

São Paulo is going through a decisive moment in the season with the final of the Sudamericana and the final stretch of the Brazilian, where it fights against the Z-4

Seeking to regain an international title, the Sao Paulo will only pay attention to the end of the Copa Sudamericana until the 1st of October, the date of the decision of the competition, in Córdoba, Argentina, against Independiente Del Valle.

According to the ESPN, the tricolor board paused negotiations with athletes who are at the end of their contract until the date of the decision. Until then, São Paulo will still have two games (Ceará and Avaí) for Brazilianwhere the club again struggles to distance itself from the relegation zone, being only in 13th place, 3 points behind Z-4.

Several players from the tricolor cast are at the end of their contract and some were negotiating renewal, while others may have their stay linked to the results until the end of the year.

See below for each one:


With a contract until the end of the year, he is treated as a special case by the board. If the 38-year-old doesn’t retire, São Paulo want him to stay for one more season. The two sides have reached this agreement so far.


The 37-year-old side was the first to be called to talk to the board. Interested in his permanence in the club?. Rafinha has goals that would renew the second year of his contract and they are close to being met. But he may have polls from smaller teams in Germany, which could get in the way of renewal.

Colorado and Andre Anderson

Both will be evaluated by Rogério Ceni at the end of the year. If the coach understands that they should stay, São Paulo will try to renew the loans. The Colombian has a contract until the end of the year, while André Anderson, who has not played for almost 2 months due to muscle pain, according to the club.


The club has already made a proposal that is in the hands of the 33-year-old left-back. And it did not proceed with the negotiation because it froze everything until October 1st.

Igor Gomes

São Paulo’s intention is to keep the player, but there is an assessment by the pressure. It wouldn’t be surprising if he didn’t renew with São Paulo. São Paulo would like to keep him, as he is a homegrown player, young and with good potential. The board must wait for the end of the Sudamericana to see the situation of shirt 26, who has a contract until March 2023. São Paulo doesn’t want him to leave for free, they will try to receive some money in his cub Cotia.

Gabriel Neves

São Paulo wants to stay with the Uruguayan, who after injuring his knee in the South American semifinals should not play again this season. The player knows the empathy he has with the crowd, the love the crowd has. That counts a lot. Trading is not difficult financially. The values ​​are accessible and there is a lot of optimism on the part of the board.

Marcos Guilherme

Situation is similar to that of Rafinha. It has goals, but it is not close to achieving them. It will pass by Rogério Ceni.

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