How to stop strangers from adding you to WhatsApp groups? Check step by step

Technology brings advantages and practicality to our daily lives. However, sometimes we can go through some inconvenient situations. One of them is to be included in a WhatsApp group, where you would not want to be or even be added by some unknown user.

Have you ever been through a similar situation? Want to know how to prevent this from happening again? Follow the steps below to prevent people from including you in unwanted groups.

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application frequency

WhatsApp is the most accessed messaging application by Brazilians. According to a 2022 Mobile Time survey, 99% of smartphones have the app installed. Also, 85% of WhatsApp users use the app every day. Because of this frequent use, several updates have been made to the application since 2009, the year of its appearance.

However, although many improvements have already been made, data such as the phone number is available on the web, being easily accessible to everyone. Consequently, embarrassing situations such as having the contact added by a stranger in chat rooms can occur. So, know how to avoid this occurrence.

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How to control group entry

To prevent you from being added to a group by a stranger and having your mobile number shared with others in the app, you can control who can include you in chat rooms. See the step by step:

  1. Open your WhatsApp home screen and go to “Settings”.
  2. Then click on “Account” and select the “Privacy” tab.
  3. In the new window, scroll until you find the “Groups” option.
  4. Finally, you will be able to enable who can add you among the three available options: “All”, “My contacts” or “My contacts except…”

The first option is set by default by the application. Therefore, it is necessary to change the settings. The second allows only numbers saved by you to be included in any group. Finally, in the third one, it is possible to block the entry into the chat room, even if the administrator’s contact is saved in your contact list, but you do not want to be included in any group by him.

Ready! Now just decide the option that is most convenient for you and prevent your presence in unwanted virtual rooms. After this process, if someone wants you to join a group and is not able to add, they must send you an invite link to your private conversation. Just be aware of the expiration date of the link to join the group, as admins can reset it at any time.

Following the steps presented, in addition to avoiding uncomfortable situations, as exemplified above, taking this measure is another safety step. This is because with this control, it is possible to avoid the disclosure of your contact among other WhatsApp users. Taking this care will also reduce the chance of future scam attempts or even that you have the app cloned.

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