In Scotland, fans protest against the Queen during the game –

the game of Celtic this Sunday, for the Scottish championship, it was preceded by a minute of applause in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, its supporters, made up mostly of Catholics and separatists, staged a protest in the moment of silence. The audience in the stands shouted, “If you hate the royal family, clap your hands.”

The chant was repeated for a minute, the time the game’s protocol allotted to the queen’s memory. Fans also took a banner with the phrase sung repeatedly in the stands.

The Glasgow club had already become the subject of disciplinary proceedings by UEFA after their fans displayed a banner against the British crown during Wednesday’s Champions League game in Poland.

This Sunday, Celtic lost to St Mirren 2-0. Before the game, Celtic coach Ange Postecoglou asked fans to respect the tribute. “I have the same message for our fans that we always have. As I said before, we will abide by the protocols,” he said.

Protests against the royal family also took place at the Dundee United game on Saturday 17th. On that occasion, the minute’s silence was interrupted by boos and derogatory chants. The club played against Glasgow Rangers, who have fans who support the monarchy. In response, the Rangers’ crowd began to sing God Save the King.

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