In the fight against cambismo, Sport makes changes to the TCN from the duel against Náutico; see – Sport Club do Recife

In order to combat currency exchange and provide the possibility of more red-blacks in the stands, Sport Club do Recife, in partnership with the Todos Com a Nota program (TCN) and with the Pernambuco Football Federation (FPF), implements changes in the TCN’s schedule from the next home game: against Náutico, on October 1st.

The first one concerns the number of tickets exchanged per person, with the permission of only one per CPF. In addition, the charge of tickets made available by Todos Com a Nota for reservation will be released gradually over the days and not all at once.

Finally, the withdrawal of tickets by fans will also undergo changes and can be done on more than one date and at decentralized points, in addition to schedules – not only on Ilha do Retiro. Soon the Club and the program will release more details on the TCN schedule for the Clássico dos Clássicos.

The initiatives reinforce Sport’s commitment to preventing the irregular sale of tickets, in addition to increasing the number of fans with access to the program – which consists of exchanging invoices for tickets for football matches.

“By common agreement between those involved, we were able to make these important changes. With this, we will mitigate the actions of scalpers and increase the reach of TCN to our fans”, pointed out the president of Sport, Yuri Romão.

The coordinator of Todos Com a Nota, Gustavo Aguiar, also spoke about the initiatives and highlighted the joint work in order to offer the best service to Pernambuco fans.

“The partnership between the clubs and the program has to exist. Coordination does not do everything alone, nor do teams. So, this synergy is important so that things can go along with the greatest comfort for the Pernambuco public”, he began.

“We are fully aware that extinguishing the exchange is something that will not happen, but we try to make their action as difficult as possible. We want to give real fans the opportunity to go to the stadium, free of charge, as offered by the government”, added Gustavo.

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