iPhone 14 charging tests indicate Apple’s 30W model as the best option

Some tests carried out in relation to charging show how the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max handle the power of sources. Thus, the results indicate that the best current option is the 30W model that Apple itself sells. This is because other tested chargers do not offer relative power gain.

Regarding the battery of the new Apple smartphones, you must have seen some news here about the autonomy of the devices. Now, a Chinese website has put to the test which types of chargers are more advantageous to ‘fill the tank’ of the manufacturer’s new cell phones.

With that, what you can see is that even with the use of more powerful accessories, such as 87W and 140W, the maximum you can get on iPhones is around 26W. When using the 30W source for charging, Apple models used 26.28W of the total capacity that is offered. The values ​​resemble the marks of the previous generation.

What can be concluded from this is that the use of chargers, in theory, more powerful, does not reflect on a faster charging by the cell phone. Therefore, spending on these accessories can become quite unnecessary. In addition, another point discovered is that there is a charger capable of making the iPhone 14 Pro Max close to 29W at the outlet.

This is the font released by Apple that accompanied the 12-inch MacBook launched by the brand. However, it is worth noting that this product has been discontinued and has not been manufactured since June 2018. In any case, the brand no longer sends accessories of this type with its devices, which has generated controversy since then and even made the company company was prohibited from selling its devices in Brazil.

In national stores, the manufacturer’s 30W charger can be found for R$ 319.

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