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Until September 30, PayPal customers will be able to take advantage of the R$25 or R$50 discount coupons that are available for redemption. Customers received an email with more details of the promotional campaign that is valid for purchases of any value. Learn how to take advantage.

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The current offer is for customers who have received an email from the company with a link to the discount coupons. The campaign is valid for those who have an account PayPal in Brazil. In addition to checking their inbox and sent message, users must make a purchase within ten days of receiving the offer.

Discount coupons

According to the promotion rules, discount coupons can be used for cash purchases made during the offer period using the application as a means of payment. In addition, purchases made on Netshoes, Dell and certain other stores and apps will not be considered an “eligible purchase”.

Coupons are also not valid on installment purchases.

In short, customers who receive the discount will be able to deduct the value of the coupon – from R$25 or R$50 – on any purchase completed with the payment platform. Another detail is that, according to the rules of promotionif there is change, the coupon value will be available in the wallet to be used in another transaction.

To redeem it, just access the link sent by email. Click on “save offer”. After that, the coupon will automatically be added to the individual’s PayPal account.

Coupon BRL 50 Paypal
Coupon BRL 50 Paypal

After that, customers can take advantage of discount coupons by going to the online store, choosing the product and completing the purchase with the app. At the end of all these steps, the offer is easily applied. Just remember that each customer is entitled to a coupon, that is, the one sent by email.

Offer is valid from 10th to 30th of September. Per terms and conditions, it is not allowed to transfer or exchange coupons for cash or other discountsproducts or services.

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