Movie ‘My Love Album’ goes beyond cheesy music

Even because of the pandemic, which drove the audience away from cinemas, it was kind of utopian to imagine that Eduardo and Mônica could repeat the million spectators of that other film that René Sampaio adapted from Renato Russo’s song, Faroeste Caboclo. The film, in any case, made a long-lasting career in the theaters. Everyone praised the chemistry of Gabriel Leone and Alice Braga. The new “lion” of Brazilian cinema is following an international career. Gabriel Leone joins the cast of the new feature by Michael Mann. And, while filming outside, it’s still showing My Love Album, which premiered on Thursday of last week, the 18th. Rafael Gomes is the director. Did 45 Days Without You and Music to Live on Love.

My album closes what is still a trilogy of loves – of sentimental hearts? It begins with the disillusionment of Júlio (Leone), a dentist who dumped his girlfriend. In this picture of grief, he discovers that his father wasn’t exactly who he thought he was and more-has a half-brother. His father was a singer and songwriter of what is called corny music. Júlio, with his brother, sets out on a journey in search of his father’s ex-girlfriends, to try to find out who this man was – and who he is.

more visceral

“Music was already a central element in Songs to Die of Love. But this time, I wanted to do something with original music, composed for the film. I didn’t want the music to be a background element, but something more visceral”, says the director.

The very idol of romantic popular music – a more correct way of re-signifying the brega -, Odair José, is present. Arnaldo Antunes and he signed the songs. New bonds emerge. Julius will discover that true affection has always been by his side. Through his father’s wives – and one of them, with all due respect, is the glorious Clarisse Abujamra – but mainly because of his brother Leone, he will be able to overcome the crisis.

Leone plays father and son. And, again, he provokes empathy, although the chemistry is no longer with Monica. It’s with the brother. Felipe Frazão plays the role. They hit a ball. Brief comments evoke the racial issue, but it is not at the center of the discussion. “It’s our dramedy, our musical comedy. It speaks of affection, of responsibility”, says Frazão. “We had already done things together without acting together. We only acted together once before, years ago. It was awesome”, he adds.

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