NASA releases first images of Mars captured by James Webb

Supertelescope made the captures through infrared sensors; The planet’s high brightness and its proximity to Earth were challenges for the space giant

Reproduction/Twitter/NasaWebbNASA Mars
First recorded images of Mars by the James Webb super telescope have been released by NASA

THE National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA, in English) released on its social networks this Monday, 19, the first images that the super telescope James Webb captured from Mars. The new records of the red planet have been a challenge for astronomers due to its intense brightness in wastelands of visible light – which human eyes can see – and infrared light – also detectable by James Webb. With that, the space agency said that it is a “unique perspective” of the neighboring planet. “Webb was built to detect faint light from distant galaxies, but Mars is extremely bright! Therefore, special techniques were used to prevent the Webb from being flooded with light.” According to the US agency, the images represent a region of the eastern hemisphere of Mars. In the left record, it is possible to identify the rings of Huygens Crater and the volcanic rocks of Syrtis Major, one of the regions with the lowest incidence of light on the planet. The photo on the right shows images of the thermal emission map of Mars, that is, the amount of light that is emitted by the planet as its heat is emitted. With a thin atmosphere, heat easily escapes from the red giant. With the work, it will be possible to intensify studies on the surface and atmosphere of Mars, as well as future exploration in the search for methane and hydrogen chloride gases on the neighboring planet.

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