Passenger rebels, kicks plane window and ends up arrested

A man was arrested and deported to Pakistan after kicking a plane window during a flight between the Pakistani city of Pexuar and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. According to the local newspaper Dawn, the passenger was on a Pakistan International Airlines plane and ended up being detained by authorities at Dubai airport for “unpredictable behavior”.

According to the publication, the passenger began asking the crew to take him off the aircraft as soon as the flight took off. At one point, he lay down in the hallway and began to pray, but was taken away by company employees. He then punched and kicked the seats, as well as damaging a window, causing panic among passengers.

Images of the incident circulated on social media and show the flight attendants trying to calm the passenger. Before hitting the window, the passenger appears in an argument with the crew.

A man’s voice appears in the background stating that the passenger was “fine” at the time of boarding. “Right after takeoff, he started behaving like this,” he says, in English.

Upon arriving in Dubai, the crew accompanied the passenger to the exit and the local authorities informed the company aerial who sent a team to take him back to Pakistan.

According to the publication, the passenger’s hands and feet needed to be tied up in accordance with aviation procedures.

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