Paypal distributes R$25 and R$50 coupons for free; check out

Surely you’ve heard of the PayPal, the world-renowned online payment service. And this time, the platform is distributing coupons of BRL 25.00 and BRL 50.00 that can be used anywhere that accepts the payment method. So, this can be a great time to get a discount or even buy that game you wanted so badly!

However, it is worth remembering that not everyone will be able to redeem the coupons, unfortunately PayPal did not provide details on who is eligible and who is not.

How to redeem coupons for free on PayPal?

First, just access the following links for the coupons:

  1. Coupon of BRL 25
  2. Coupon of BRL 50

By clicking on the link, simply click on “Save Offer” and you will be redirected to login or create a PayPal account. After logging in, that’s it, the coupon will already be in your wallet! Remember that coupons will be available until September 30th.

PayPalSource: PayPal

Where can I use the coupon?


Coupons can be used anywhere PayPal is accepted as a payment method. If you are looking for stores to buy games: Steam, Green Man Gaming and Nuuvem accept PayPal! So take the opportunity to take a look at the promotions of each store! In the case of Nuuvem, they also sell Gift Cards from Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Play Store and even Riot Points.

So, did you like the coupons? Did you manage to rescue yours? Tell us on TecMundo’s social media!

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