Rodrygo talks about racist insults to Vinicius Jr. and says he is ‘almost certain’ that he heard Atlético fans screaming monkey during the game: ‘It happens every day’

In a week marked by racism against Vini Jr, Real Madrid beat Atlético de Madrid 2-1 in the 6th round of LaLiga

Real Madrid went to Civitas Metropolitano and beat Atlético de Madrid this Sunday (18), 2-1with goals from Rodrygo and Valverde, for the sixth round of LaLiga,

After all the controversy of the week with Vinícius Jr. the target of racist insults, Real’s number 20 was the one who left laughing, and the Merengues left the rival’s stadium silencing the local crowd and with the three points.

After the final whistle, Rodrygo, scorer of one of Real’s goals, said he “is almost certain” that he heard colchonero fans call Vini Jr a monkey during the game.

I think I heard it, I’m almost certain. At the time I even kind of stopped inside the field to try to understand because it is often difficult to understand. We speak Spanish, but like it or not it’s another language…Sometimes it’s hard to understand. I stopped and watched. I didn’t want to believe I was actually having this corner. It wasn’t just during the week, these cases happen every day. If we keep calling, every day we will have to speak out about it. From what I heard, I think they sang. I can’t say 100%, but I’m 99% sure.”, said.

The shirt 21 also revealed that he entered with ”excess blood” after all the controversy and made a point of answering on the field.

I think it was mono, which is monkey in Spanish. That’s what I heard. It’s a delicate subject, we have nothing more to talk about. We have to continue the fight against racism. We cannot give space to racism, especially in such a beautiful sport that is football. We respond on the field. My thought since the beginning of the game was to respond on the field. I came in with that extra blood, I said ‘I’m going to score a goal and I’m going to dance here at their house’. And that’s what happened”, he began by stating:

”Derby is always very difficult. We know it would be like that and, of course, with everything that happened during the week, there was a very heavy atmosphere on the pitch. They took advantage of that too and made an anti-game that they are used to doing. It’s normal, we’re used to it. After my goal, things changed. I’m happy to help my team in important moments,” he said.

Rodrygo reiterated that he already had it in his head that if he hit the nets, he would celebrate dancing with Vini Jr.

”There was dancing. With everything we went through during the week, everything they talked about, there was no way. We had to respond on the field. I already had it in my head that if I scored a goal I would dance. And I was almost sure I was going to score a goal,” he said.

Finally, the striker admitted that the victory inside the rival’s house was much “tastier” than if it were at the Santiago Bernabéu.

”We already had it in our heads that we had to win. That just gave us a little more strength to want to come and win here at their house. I think it tastes better. Today was even better than if it were at the Santiago Bernabéu. After everything that happened, we tried not to care too much. We know what it’s like here. These are things that, this time, I have repercussions, but that we go through every day. There’s no point in listening to it. It’s a fight we have every day,” he concluded.

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