Secret menu with super practical functions on WhatsApp revealed

New features appear so quickly that it is even difficult to keep up with all the news. A secret menu on Whatsapp it’s the darling of the time, but many people don’t even know that it exists and that it can make people’s lives a lot easier. Are you also missing out on this powerful messaging app function?

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With each new update, WhatsApp versions get more interesting and complete. The idea is to further improve the user experience and facilitate the routine of those who spend a good part of the day talking or solving professional pending issues through the tool.

WhatsApp secret menu

The app’s secret menu does not require any additional features.

To take advantage of it, the individual just makes a quick change in the settings of the tool itself. Curious about the news? It allows users to access the app in an even more convenient way. It only takes a single click to be forwarded to the conversation, that is, you don’t need to close many tabs just to find the WhatsApp icon.

To activate the secret menu that is being talked about so much, follow the instructions below: first of all, find the application icon on your cell phone. Press the green sticker for a few seconds. Once this is done, the feature will be enabled. Simple, right? In the options menu, several features will appear at once.

For example, there is access to the camera, chatting with contacts, technical checks and much more.

O resource it also allows you to create an unread message board shortcut and generate one for the app’s camera, that is, the secret menu works as a facilitator in using the app. With it, users find what is most important there in a single click without having to go through several configurations.

To take full advantage of WhatsApp’s functionality, remember to always make sure you’re using the latest version of the app. If not, fine! Just update it from your phone’s app store to enjoy the latest and greatest features.

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