Sleepy, Corinthians is defeated by América-MG and remains outside the G4 of the Brasileirão

O Corinthians reached the fourth consecutive game away from home without winning for Brazilian. On the 27th round, Timão was defeated by América-MG by 1 to 0. Juninho scored the goal that sealed the first victory of the Minas Gerais team over the alvinegro club at Arena Independência in official matches.

+ ACTIONS: Cássio works miracles, but does not prevent Corinthians from defeating América-MG

With the result, Timão is stationed at 44 points, in 5th place in the table. Coelho reached 39 points, surpassed Goiás and now occupies the 8th place.

With the break in the Brasileirão by Data Fifa, Vítor Pereira’s men will only play on September 28, at 7 pm, against Atlético-GO, at Neo Química Arena. Vagner Mancini’s team plays on the same day, at 9 pm, against Cuiabá, at Arena Pantanal.

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América-MG started taking the initiatives of the match and had greater offensive impetus in the first half. At four minutes, the Corinthians defense made a mistake, Juninho received a cross and, without marking, headed over Cássio.

Corinthians’ response came in kicks from outside the area by Adson and Mateus Vital. Both were defended by Cavichioli.

America-MG vs Corinthians

América won the Timão (Photo: Mourão Panda / América-MG)


The first stage did not hold many emotions, as both Coelho and Timão found it very difficult to create real chances to score, and the match dropped in intensity. The home team arrived with danger in the final minutes of the first half, but the linesman caught offside in a submission by Henrique Almeida, defended by Cássio.


Vítor Pereira made three changes and changed Timão’s tactical system for the second half, but the script remained the same. América-MG took advantage of Corinthians’ disorganization, but did not capitalize on goals. Henrique Almeida had a chance from outside the area, but Cássio saved it. The visiting team arrived with danger in plays from above.


Controlling the offensive actions of the match, Coelho managed to open the scoring in the 31st minute of the second half. Cáceres lifted in the area and Mastriani headed for the second post. Alone, Juninho took advantage of the space and swung Cássio’s nets.

Corinthians rehearsed a blitz in the final minutes, but the home team held the advantage and left Arena Independência with three points.

Arena Independência, Belo Horizonte (MG)
Date and time: September 18, 2022 at 6pm
Referee: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (FIFA) [RJ]Assistants: Michael Correia (RJ) and Thiago Rosa de Oliveira (RJ)
Video referee: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (VAR-FIFA) [RN]Audience/Income: Uninformed
Yellow cards: Benitez (AME) Raul Gustavo, Bruno Méndez, Roni (COR)
red cards:
Goal: Juninho (31’/2nd) (1-0)

AMERICA-MG: Cavichioli; Raúl Cáceres (Patric 32’/2ºT), Éder, Ricardo Silva and Marlon; Juninho, Alê and Benítez (Índio Ramirez 32’/2ºT), Felipe Azevedo (Aloísio 38’/2ºT), Matheusinho (Iago Maidana 38’/2ºT) and Henrique Almeida (Mastriani 23’/2ºT). Technician: Vagner Mancini

CORINTHIANS: Cassius; Léo Maná (Robson Bambu 1’/2ºT), Bruno Méndez, Raul Gustavo and Lucas Piton; Xavier (Du Queiroz 1’/2ºT), Roni (Fausto Vera 29’/2ºT) and Giuliano; Adson (Renato Augusto 22’/2ºT), Mateus Vital and Róger Guedes (Yuri Alberto 1’/2ºT). Technician: Victor Pereira

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