Son comes home from school with scribbled hands and the meaning of the drawings is heartbreaking

The father of a teenager shared on social media last Tuesday (13) an indignation at the situation experienced by his son at school in London, capital of England.

According to the man, the young man has been in high school for a week and has already suffered more than 20 verbal and physical aggressions from colleagues.

The situation was discovered after he realized that every day the boy came home with scribbled pen strokes in his hands. He found that strange and decided to ask, at this point the student revealed what was happening.

In the publication, he says that he was filled with revolt to learn that his son had already been bullied 21 times in a short period of time.

“I shared this because I think it’s a powerful photo. He wanted to show us how many times this happened in two days of school. You just don’t know what’s going on and expect your kids to be safe at school. I hope this gets resolved,” he said.

The man also left a warning to the parents of the “bullies”, stating that they should be fined and that the educational institution should be tougher.

Several people sympathized with the situation disclosed. A teacher responded, saying that the cases are recurrent in schools, she also stressed that reading the report made her “boil the blood”.

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