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With each passing day, a flood of new information about the Source 2 at the Counter Strike: Global Offensive appear in leaks. This time, the most recent of them points out that codes were found that refer to the possibility of the game receiving Ray Tracing support.

This is the first time the possibility has been raised by insiders. However, the information can be extremely valuable for anyone expecting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with more realistic graphics than ever before.

In short, ray tracing allows games to use artificial intelligence to create, in real time, new light and shadow effects that come close to reality. This goes for reflections and lighting in general.

Photo: Playback/YouTubePhoto: Playback/YouTube

The purpose of bringing support to a game is to make players able to look at the monitor and have a similar feeling to what they feel when they are looking out the window at home, for example.

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However, it is important to note that Ray Tracing technology is not specifically for competitive games like Counter-Strike. However, it is used only to give new effects and sensations to the players, creating new experiences to be lived during the game.

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