The Flash, the movie, will have new remakes; learn more details

The website Vanaty Fair revealed yesterday (18) that the actor Ezra Miller is in negotiations with Warner Bros. to participate in the new filming of the Flash movie.

According to the Geekosity page, “more than just the third act [do longa] that is being reworked“.

As we previously disclosed, the DCEU will no longer have the same reboot as the franchise would have initially. The new administration of David Zaslavthe CEO of Warner Bros. Discoverychanged the course of the DC Extended Universe a lot.

Now, Batfleck and Supercavill are back, and Batman from Michael Keaton will no longer become the DCEU’s official Batman. The remakes of The Flash will serve mainly to insert these changes into the film.

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the long The Flash It is scheduled to premiere on June 22, 2023 in Brazilian cinemas.


The Flash it is the first solo film by the superhero The Flash. The new live-action adaptation of the DCEU will see the Scarlet Speedster traveling through the DC Multiverse.

There is still no official synopsis for the feature, but it is already known that The Flash will show the Flash ending up in a parallel universe where there is an identical and younger version of himself, another Batman and a Supergirl in place of Superman.

The film stars Ezra Miller (We Need to Talk About Kevin) as Barry Allen/Flash, Ben Affleck (argo) as Batman, Michael Keaton (Birdman or (Hunger for Power) as Batman, Sasha Calle (The Young and the Restless) as Supergirl, Ron Livingston (Invocation of Evil) as Harry Allen, Kiersey Clemons (Dope: A Dangerous Slide) as Iris West, Antje Traue (pandorum) as Faora-Ul and Michael Shannon (The shelter) as General Zod.

Other DCEU stars such as Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and even Henry Cavill (The Man of Steel), should make special appearances in The Flashaccording to rumors.

Directed by Andy Muschietti (It: The Thing) and scripted by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn and her Fantabulous Emancipation), from a story of Joby Harold (Obi-Wan Kenobi), The Flash will be released in US theaters on June 23, 2023. The feature should premiere in Brazil a day earlier.

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