The iPhone 14 Plus is very expensive and shouldn’t sell as well as we’d hoped; understand

Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus won’t set any sales records, at least according to early analysis. In fact, the new-generation “Plus” model lags behind the iPhone 13 Mini when it comes to projected sales. But after all, what happened to make a release like this less attractive?


The iPhone 14 Plus is simply too expensive

For now, pre-order results for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are worse than the iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 13 mini, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a blog post.

“The iPhone 14 Plus is a replacement for the iPhone 13 mini. However, pre-sales results for this new product were significantly lower than expected, meaning that Apple’s product segmentation strategy for standard models failed this year.”

In reality, the problem is much simpler than we imagined: the price is too high for the specifications of the new smartphone. The iPhone 14 Plus costs R$ 8,599 in Brazil, a very high price, but it is even compatible with a newly launched premium smartphone (if there was no iPhone 14 Pro).

The iPhone 14 Pro costs just R$900 more than the Plus

Apple launches iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max with Dynamic Island, A16 Bionic and new cameras
Apple launches iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max with Dynamic Island, A16 Bionic and new cameras / Disclosure: Apple

In practice, if the user wants to pay dearly for a premium smartphone, other models are more cost-effective. If you want to spend less on an iPhone 14, which has a smaller screen while keeping almost all other specs identical to the “Plus”, you save R$1,000.

If you opt for something better, the iPhone 14 Pro requires an additional investment of BRL 900 to reach its launch price of BRL 9,499. It is worth noting that the “Pro” version of Apple’s new generation of iPhones brings a new A16 Bionic chip and a series of other features that the “Plus” model does not have. Naturally, it seems like a low price difference to get a considerable amount of benefits.

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In addition to the new processor that brings better energy efficiency, the new Pro line of Apple smartphones also bring an Always-On screen and the famous Dynamic Island. According to Kuo’s figures, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has proven to be the most popular iPhone model to date, despite being the most expensive, indicating that consumers are opting for the “Pro” versions over the more basic ones with the last year’s A15 Bionic chip.

Plus, if you’re looking to pay less on a larger-screen iPhone, the iPhone 13 lineup is still a great option, especially when the specs have barely changed for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. So it might be worth it to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 14 Plus boosts sales of Pro models

Either way, Apple may well have released a Plus model at an unusually high price for what it offers as a strategy to sell more iPhones 14 Pro and Pro Max. At the end of the day, the iPhone 14 Plus should still please a niche of consumers who cannot afford to spend that much on a Pro-line smartphone, but who are looking for a current model with a larger screen.

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