Truck carrying sex toys overturns on highway after collision – Metro World News Brasil

One cart that carried sex toys and boxes of lube toppled on the I40 highway near Mustang, Oklahoma, in the United Statesproviding a very unusual and even embarrassing scene.

The cargo ended up on the asphalt after the truck collided with a truck. The accident happened last Wednesday (14).

Police acted quickly to cordon off the area, prevent further accidents and protect the sex toys, according to broadcaster KWTV. Nobody was hurt.

embarrassment in the air

The accident created embarrassment among journalists who reported on the case. “This trailer overturned and lost its load here,” said a media professional, according to the website.Extra”.

The news anchor in the studio wanted to know exactly what had fallen off the trailer. After a pause, the reporter simply said, “Maybe you can say it, I can’t say it. The good thing is that the driver was not hurt. There are no injuries, but there are a lot of things on the road, whatever it is.”

And speaking of accidents…

Also in the United States, a woman wanted to “prove” she wasn’t drunk after being involved in a traffic accident. It turns out that the attempt to do some dance steps only showed even more that she was drunk.

Drunk driver dances to 'prove' she was sober

Amy Harrington, 38, introduced Irish folk dance steps to police officers in Florida. The woman first tried to walk straight during a sobriety test, but gave up and started dancing.

Amy slammed into the back of another vehicle just over a mile from her home.

After the dance, the drunk driver refused to take a breathalyzer test and was arrested. She was charged with driving under the influence of a prohibited substance.


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