Viola Davis talks about black heroines in “The Woman King”

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This Monday (19), Nerd Site participated in the press conference with the actress Viola Davis. In promotion of the movie “The King Woman”the Oscar winner and protagonist of the plot, commented on details about the production and emphasized the importance of black heroines starring in a feature.

The film opens on September 22 in theaters and shows the story of Army General Dahomey, who has the help of Nawi (Thuso Mbedu) to face territorial conflicts. On the spot, the king Ghezo (John Boyega) receives an alert of this threat from Viola’s character and needs to make a decision so that her people are not taken.

viola gives life to runt and comments in the interview that to be in the skin of a strong character, leader and who represents the appreciation of her community as a feared warrior, she had to face the role in depth, with five hours of training daily to handle the fights. In addition to the great physical effort, she also studied through a book, more details about the Agoji, which are part of the cultural history of Africa.

“I spent 10 years studying acting and playing classic roles, which have always been played by white women, who debated what it was to be a woman, what it was to be beautiful. But I often didn’t see myself in that. On the screen, you will see me, you will see what I showed. I felt humanized, the film talks about the complexity of being a black woman. It’s about my life”

When asked about the inspiration to play such a symbolic character, the actress confesses that her own life was an example. That’s because the protagonist has a series of secrets, just as the actress reveals to have. She makes this comparison to show that Nanisca is like another normal human being, but that her power and the greatness of her struggle, makes her a character like never seen before.

Viola Davis talks about the visibility of “The Woman King” among viewers

the producer Julius Tennon was also present at the press conference, he comments on the importance of “The King Woman” to introduce into the film industry stories of black women in the lead role and as strong heroines without supporting roles. The filmmaker says that this opportunity should open doors so that money can also be invested in works by native peoples, without victimization, but telling their story.

Within this subject, Viola also takes a stand and returns the question to the audience. She questions whether viewers will invest their ticket money to follow films like hers, or if they will once again give this opportunity to declared actresses who play white women on the rise, when talking about it, she mentions Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Brie. Larsson.

In addition, the actress is sure that this representation moves women who find beautiful black women on screen, being valued and occupying a position that many times were not even dreamed of by the public. Viola says that she expects this process of identification and still extols that she awaits the feeling of belonging of women who observe her representation in a blockbuster world.

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