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Vitória took an important step in the fight for access to the 2023 Series B. On the afternoon of this Sunday (18), Leão beat Figueirense 1-0, in Barradão, for the fifth round of the second phase of Series C. The only goal of the match was scored by Colombian striker Tréllez.

With the positive result, Rubro-Negro reached eight points, took the second place in the table of group C, overtaking Figueira, who dropped to third with six, and it only depends on him to win the second place of access. The isolated leader ABC has 11 and has already secured a place in the national second division. While the eliminated, Paysandu is the lantern with three.

In the last round, Vitória will face Paysandu next Saturday (24), at 5 pm, at the Curuzu stadium. On the same day and time, Figueirense catches the ABC, at Orlando Scarpelli.


The first good offensive action was by Vitória at three minutes. Gabriel Honório played over to Rafinha who finished, but Wilson made the save. However, the referee annulled the bid marking offside in the play. In the next minute, the goalkeeper of the Santa Catarina team narrowly missed a chicken. Ball back, the archer ended up letting it pass under his foot and almost went into the empty goal, but went out through the back line.

At 12, Figueirense arrived in the red-black defense. In the cross coming from the left, Dalton made the cut by fitting the ball in two halves after it slipped away on the first attempt.

Vitória almost opened the scoring in the 17th minute with Gabriel Honório. Shirt 7 took a risk from outside the area, hitting placed, but it went out. At 24, Léo Gomes saved Leão with a providential disarm. Tito received inside the area and the steering wheel managed to send it to a corner. After the corner kick, the Santa Catarina team had two good chances in a row. In the first, Dalton made a great save on Tito’s shot, avoiding the visitors’ goal. In the sequence, Figueira’s number 9 finished again, but the ball went out. Then it was Vitória’s turn to pressure the Santa Catarina team, but without being able to finish on goal, always bumping into the defense. At 31, Gabriel Honório crosses into the area, but Sanchez slips and finishes outside. Two minutes later, Dionisio made a good move and played for Rafinha. The attacker dominated and hit low to Wilson’s defense.

Trellez opens the scoring
The Lion opened the scoring in the 34th minute with Tréllez. Rafinha received on the left, dribbled two markers and rolled for the Colombian to only have the work of pushing to the back of the net. 1×0 Figueirense win

The Lion wanted more. At 40, Alan Santos released the bomb from outside the area and Wilson fell to make the defense preventing the second goal from Bahia.

Second time

Both teams returned modified for the final part of the match. On Vitória’s side, Gabriel Honório was drawn for Luidy’s entry. At Figueirense, Tito was replaced by Gustavo Henrique.

At five minutes, Luidy and Alemão exchanged passes on the right. Inside the area, the attacker dominated and hit low, but the kick came out weak and stayed in Santa Catarina’s defense. Under pressure from Leão, Wilson made a great save with his fingertips on Sanchez’s kick from outside the area. Figueira responded in the 11th minute with Gustavo Henrique, who took advantage of the cross coming from the right, turned and finished over the crossbar defended by Dalton.

The Lion was one less player after 15 minutes. Sanchez received the straight red card after leaving his elbow in an area dispute with Natan Masiero. The Figueira athlete suffered a cut on his forehead. To rebuild the defense, coach João Burse took out Rafinha and put in side Daniel Bolt.

In the 23rd minute, Leão was saved from suffering a draw. Ball raised to the area in a free-kick, Dalton played and Gustavo Henrique took advantage of the rebound to hit the goal, but it exploded on Marco Antônio.

Vitória had a good chance with Daniel Bolt in the 50’s. The side carried it to the middle and hit the goal, but the ball went too high, passing far from the Santa Catarina goal.

1×0 Figueirense win
Series C – 5th round (second phase)

Place: Barradão, in Salvador (BA)

Date: 09/18/2022 (Sunday)

Time: 4 pm

Referee: Wagner do Nascimento Magalhães (FIFA/RJ)

Assistants: Daniel do Espírito Santo Parro (RJ) and Rafael Sapeda de Souza (RJ)

VAR: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ)

VAR Assistant: Philip Georg Bennet (RJ)

Yellow cards: Eduardo, Tréllez, Alan Santos (Victoria) / Oberdan, Tito, Léo Artur, Robinho, Jhon Cley, Zé Mário (Figueirense)

Red card: Sanchez (Victory)

Goal: Trellez (Victory)

Victory: Dalton; Alemão, Marco Antônio, Alan Santos and Sanchez; Léo Gomes, Dionísio (João Pedro) and Eduardo (Ewerton Easter); Gabriel Honório (Luidy), Tréllez (Dinei) and Rafinha (Daniel Bolt). Coach: João Burse.

Figueirense: Wilson; Muriel (Natan Masiero), Fernando, Kadu (Mauricio) and Zé Mário; Moacir (Robinho), Oberdan and Léo Artur; Jean Silva, Andrew (Jhon Cley) and Tito (Gustavo Henrique). Coach: Junior Rocha.

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