Want to buy an iPhone? The best time might be now

If you have plans to buy an iPhone, the best time might be now. Because? Recently we saw that Apple has just launched the iPhone 14, whose most expensive model costs up to R$ 15,500. In view of the novelty, the older versions can be found for sale at more affordable prices.

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It is already common knowledge that when Apple launches a new device, the previous ones become cheaper and more accessible. The market automatically tries to put into circulation the models oldest, because they act under the certainty that in a short time they will be forgotten. So the time to buy an iPhone is now.

Want to buy an iPhone? This might be the best time

With the arrival of the new iPhone 14, the multinational company suggests new values ​​for the previous versions. For example, the 128 GB iPhone 13 mini has dropped in recent days from R$6,599 to R$5,699.

The iPhone 13, also 128 GB, can go from R$7,599 to R$6,499. Other models are also good options for the moment. All suggested versions are compatible with 5G. That’s why many Brazilians who make plans to change the device to take advantage of the new generation of the internet can analyze Apple’s.

With 22% off, the third generation iPhone SE can be found for only R$ 3,656.55. It’s Apple’s most basic model at the moment. For those who want to buy now, prices are more attractive on Amazon.

Another model is the 12 which has 128 GB. O discount current reaches 32%, therefore, the device is being found for R$ 4,749.05. Before deciding which model to buy, it is worth searching the internet for the cell phones that best suit your needs. Also, the tip is to keep an eye on promotions.

However, always check that the sites that display the offers are reliable before proceeding with the purchases. That’s because many scammers take advantage of the moment of high demand for cell phones to create fake websites with the intention of making more victims. So be wary of discounts that are way above normal.

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