WhatsApp’s novelty poses a great risk for those who are inattentive

A new WhatsApp feature should allow you to delete the message after sending it longer than is possible today. Those who use the app a lot, but occasionally take too long to open conversations, can end up missing important submissions. That, of course, if the other person regrets it and wants to erase the text or image.

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Currently the application sets a time limit of one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds for a message to be deleted, but now the new tests and resources may extend this period. The expectation is that the user can delete something sent within 60 hours.

Delete the message with the longest sending time

The new feature can be bad for the most inattentive. The person who is away for a long time may not have even seen the message, so they will end up having no idea what the content is. The update should arrive little by little.

It is enough for the person who sent the message to click on “delete for all” for the content to be excluded instead of the conversation. Anyone who is not connected to the chat will end up missing a lot due to inattention.

Currently, after the deadline has passed, users are only able to delete the message for themselves. The feature was released in 2017, but at the time that limit was just seven minutes.

See how simple it is to erase the shipments of photos, texts and videos:

  • Hold your finger for a few seconds on the content you want to erase;
  • Soon after, a trash can icon will appear;
  • Select the option you prefer. They are: “delete for me” or “delete for everyone”.

The new feature with more time to delete any message after sending it still doesn’t have a date to start working on all cell phones. What is known so far, according to an announcement made by WhatsApp, is that users will have a little more than two days to regret the submissions and delete them.

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