All about the actress who plays the adult Alicent Hightower in The House of the Dragon

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Since its debut in HBOthe series The Dragon’s House increasingly expanding the epic universe of game of Thrones in the audiovisual. The production focuses on the history of Targaryen House and shows the events that resulted in the intense civil war called the Dance of the Dragons.

Alicent Hightowerfor example, is a character that plays a fundamental role in this endeavor, after all she is the queen consort of the government of King Viserys I (Paddy Constantine). While in the first half of the season she was played by actress Emily Carey, Olivia Cooke is responsible for living it in its adult phase.

So why not find out more about her? It was with this in mind that we prepared this list with All you need to know about actress Olivia Cooke!

Who is Olivia Cooke?

Olivia Cooke is a British actress. Born in oldhamat Englandshe began acting at eight years olda desire that manifested itself without the influence of their parents since they did not work in the artistic environment.

Even so, she continued to invest in her career as an actress, participating in several theatrical productions in her hometown throughout her adolescence.

How old is Olivia Cooke?

Olivia Cooke was born during the holiday season. The actress came into the world on the day December 27, 1993which means that it has 28 years currently.

Olivia Cooke made Bates Motel

One of Cooke’s best-known works was in the series Bates Motel. starring Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmigathe production is a kind of prologue to the classic Psychosisby the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcockand accompanies the youth of Norman Bates and her troubled relationship with her mother, Standard.

In the series, Olivia played Emma Decodya girl who suffered from cystic fibrosisa disease that affects the lungs, and which Norman befriends throughout the plot.

Olivia Cooke’s main works in cinema

In addition to venturing into the universe of the series, Olivia Cooke is also present in the cinema. His best known works are the films Me, You and the Dying Girl (2015), Pure blood (2017), Player No. 1 (2018) and The sound of silence (2019).

In addition to the aforementioned productions, she was also in Life itself (2018), film starring Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wildeand Memories of a Love (2020).

She shaved her head to make a role

When she was cast to play a teenager with leukemia in the movie Me, You and the Dying GirlOlivia Cooke decided shave your hair to make your performance seem more authentic.

In an interview with MTV Newsin 2015, the actress said that the radical cut “had not been mentioned” by the team, but she decided to do it anyway because she felt that wearing a wig would not do the role justice.

Is Olivia Cooke currently in a relationship?

It is not known for sure if Olivia Cooke is currently dating, but she has maintained a long-term relationship with the actor. Christopher Abbott for a few years. The two met in 2015 and it is assumed that they remained together until 2020 as there is no further evidence that the courtship is still standing as of then.

Is Olivia Cooke on social media?

Yea! Olivia Cooke has a Instagram where he shows a little of his personal life and promotes his work in the industry. If you want to follow her on the social network, the user is @livkatecooke.

How tall is Olivia Cooke?

Olivia Cooke has 1.66 m tall.

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