Arrascaeta has pubalgia and will play in the sacrifice until the end of the year

Flamengo’s main highlight of the season alongside Pedro, Arrascaeta inspires care and turned on the alert at the club. The midfielder has pubalgia, but he will act in the sacrifice until the end of the year because of the important decisions that the team has ahead of him in this final stretch of 2022.

The case is not considered serious and is seen, to some extent, as normal in the routine of a football player. However, if it were not an emergency need to count on the Uruguayan, it is recommended that the athlete be spared from the matches and remain in treatment until he fully recovers.

Arrascaeta — which made itself available — is being monitored constantly and will comply with a special plan established by the Department of Health and High Performance in partnership with the technical committee, which will scale it according to its physical and physiological indices. Obviously, the Copa do Brasil finals, on October 12 and 19, and the Libertadores decision, on October 29, will always be prioritized.

Currently, the midfielder has been able to withstand the pain during matches and has been carrying out specific physiotherapy sessions before and after games. However, in this second half, the Uruguayan only played in four matches in full: Avaí (Brazilian – away), Athletico-PR (Brazil Cup – home), Corinthians (Libertadores – home) and São Paulo (Brazil Cup – away ). In all the others, he was substituted at some point in the second half, and against Corinthians, for Libertadores (away), he was removed in the 44th minute of the final stage, and against Athletico-PR, for the Copa do Brasil (away), left at 45.

In the 2-1 defeat to Fluminense last Sunday (18), Arrascaeta was substituted in the 26th minute of the second half for Everton Cebolinha. Yesterday he presented himself to the Uruguayan team for the friendlies of the FIFA dates and the Uruguayan doctors received a report from the red-black medical department.

“This is all directly aligned. The Tannure [médico do Fla] is in direct contact with the entire medical department of the selections. That was past. What we want is to prevent us from losing a player at a time like this. It is a nuisance he has and he will live with it until the end of the year. He has no other way. There will be times when we need to take it off or stay out. He goes to selection, we have to be careful. He is oriented and the medical department of Uruguay itself. We will arrive with all of them in perfect condition for the main dates”, said coach Dorival Júnior.

What is pubalgia?

According to the network of hospitals “Rede Dor”, pubalgia is pain in the pubic bone region, located in the front of the pelvis. The term pubalgia can also be used to refer to pain that affects the upper thighs, groin area and lower belly. It is more common in male patients who play sports such as football, for example.

Pubalgia can be chronic, when the patient has pain without ceasing for a period longer than three months, or it can be acute, when the patient has sudden pain, which apparently comes out of nowhere. It can also be called pubeitis, pubalgic syndrome or sports hernia.

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