At low doses, minoxidil tablet may be another option for baldness

posted on 09/20/2022 15:04 / updated on 09/20/2022 16:32

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Minoxidil is one of the most well-known drugs for treating hair loss. The lotion, when applied to the scalp, increases blood circulation in the region, favoring the growth of hair strands. However, in addition to the topical route, the drug can be used orally. An article published in the newspaper The New York Times showed that taking low doses of minoxidil pills also contributes to hair growth.

The use of minoxidil in a tablet may be an alternative for people who are allergic to the drug applied directly to the scalp. Dermatology professor Rodney Sinclair told The New York Timeswho was treating a patient who developed an allergic rash on her scalp.

“The patient was very motivated and the only thing we knew was that if a patient has an allergy to a topically applied drug, one way to desensitize is to give very low doses orally,” explained the professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia. .

Before being used to treat hair loss, minoxidil was used to treat high blood pressure. So, to test oral use on the bald patient, Professor Rodney Sinclair cut the pills into quarters. He noted that the low dose made the hair grow and did not affect the woman’s blood pressure. At a meeting in Miami in 2015, Sinclair reported that low doses of minoxidil stimulated hair growth in 100 women.

In 2017, the specialist published other studies and reported that the treatment was extended to 10,000 patients. However, the professor points out that the results are not yet conclusive and believes that more research should be carried out in order to produce more data and test other scenarios.

Although some dermatologists are applying the oral use of minoxidil in low doses, the US health regulatory agency, the Food and Drug Administration, has not yet approved this form of treatment. Therefore, the technique is prescribed in off-label, that is, the drug has been used in a different way from what appears in the package inserts. It should be noted that medicines should not be used on their own, but under medical prescription.

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