At the UN, Petro calls for an end to the war on drugs

At the UN, Petro calls for an end to the war on drugs

Reproduction/Twitter/Gustavo Petro

In his debut at the UN General Assembly, Gustavo Petro called for an end to the current war on drugs policy. In his speech, the president of Colombia stated that the fight against drug trafficking is responsible for destroying part of the biodiversity of the Amazon.

“How can we combine beauty with death? How can we celebrate the biodiversity of life with the dances of death and horror? Who is to blame for breaking the spell with terror?” said Petro, accusing his predecessors of destroying the forest in actions against coca planters.

“The savior jungle is seen in my country as the enemy to be defeated, as the evil to be extinguished. O coca space and the peasants, who grow it because they have nothing else to grow, is demonizedhe added.

For Petro, the war on drugs “failed”.

“I make a call, from my dear Latin America: let’s end the mindless war on drugs. Reducing drug consumption does not need wars, it needs a better, more supportive, affectionate society to be built, where the intensity of life saves us from addictions to new slavery.”said.

Colombia’s first leftist president, Petro is a former guerrilla member of the M-19 group.

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